What Is Joomla Web Hosting And, More Importantly, Is It Free?

  Joomla is described as a free, open-source content management platform. But for those of you who aren’t particularly technically-minded, what does all that tech-speak actually mean? If you’ve heard of WordPress and sort of know what it is, then you’re in luck. Joomla is essentially the same thing, just not as popular. It provides a system that allows businesses,Read more

Can a Web Hosting Company be Hacked? The Answer Will Shock You

  Web hosting companies have become extremely popular over recent years. They offer both businesses and individuals a user-friendly platform for hosting websites, negating the need to buy purpose-built servers. But can they be hacked? The answer to that question is, unfortunately, “yes” they can, and it can have severe repercussions for your online presence.   How Easy Is ItRead more

Will Changing your Web Hosting affect your Website’s SEO?

To put it simply: yes, which web hosting solutions you choose most definitely do affect your SEO. The question of how your SEO is impacted however is a multifaceted one. Here, we’re going to look at the many aspects of your hosting service that can impact your Google ranking and, thus, your website’s traffic.   Where your hosting is mattersRead more

How to Reach the Stars When Launching Your Business

You have an idea, you have the passion, and you’re willing to invest and sacrifice to make it a reality. That might seem like enough to start a business, but that’s not quite right. Here, we’re going to take a look at everything you need to nail that launch, from the business web hosting services to get you online toRead more

Is Unlimited Web Hosting Any Good for your Business?

As the online needs of businesses expand, there are growing demands on business website hosting services to adapt. Companies need facilities that allow them to host as many domains and subdomains through a single account as they require. They don't want to have to open new accounts or go to different service provides, just because they want to launch aRead more

Why Webmasters are going crazy about SSD web hosting

Solid-state flash storage has been around for a long time. But it's only in recent years that prices have come down sufficiently for it to become practical on a mass scale. Now that SSDs are becoming as affordable as traditional hard drives on a per-gigabyte basis, millions of webmasters all over the world want to move to SSD hosting -Read more

Web Hosting for Bloggers Explained in 5 minutes

When you are starting out as a new blogger, you will need to consider which web hosting service you want to use for your site. In fact, it is something that well-established bloggers should keep on thinking about as well. That’s because it could be worth moving your site over to a different web hosting package if you can findRead more

A Simple Guide in Web Hosting Trends

The biggest web hosts are always changing their products and services. They do this to try to attract new clients and to also keep their current ones happy. Not only that, though, but some of their changes are necessary to keep up with some of the biggest trends that occur within web hosting. Do you want to know what isRead more

Where Does the Word Blog Come From?

  These days, blogging is an opportunity to talk about something you’re passionate about and potentially make a living from it–and not just from the writer’s perspective either. Whether you offer web hosting for bloggers, are a business looking for influencers or just want to write cool content, there are opportunities everywhere in the world of blogging. However, the historyRead more

How to Install WordPress in No Time

  There are several ways that you can install WordPress, and affordable WordPress hosting should be something that is important to you. Trying to figure out how to install WordPress shouldn't be difficult, which is why there is more than one method. WordPress is a popular platform for users, and you can install it on a variety of servers andRead more