A Word About Your Emails

By: nirvaris  |  March 17, 2017


Nirvaris.HOST is made to speed up your PHP code and handle heavy load access. Storing data with us is not a good deal. We suggest you to store your emails.

There are many ways to set up your emails when using Nirvaris.HOST. We suggest you to use the item number 3, as it is cheaper and safe.

1: Using IMAP/POP3 accounts

In this way, your emails can be stored in Nirvaris.HOST servers and might consume your storage space. You can manage your space using IMAP, where you can set up you email client to delete the messages from the server after pulling it. You would have all your emails stored on your computer.

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2: Using another Email provider like Google mail

In this way, your emails will be stored and sent using your email provider. You might find some costs on this one if your email provider charges you.

Your provider will have tutorials on how to set this up. You will have to add some MX records on your DNS via our CPanel.

3: Using Nirvaris.host as your forwarder and smtp:

This is the way that we advise. You store your emails on your email provider, but use Nirvaris.HOST to send and forward emails to you. You can use any free email account like Google mail with no additional costs.

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