Cheap Unlimited Web Hosting: Don’t Let Price Affect Quality

By: nirvaris  |  November 17, 2020
cheap unlimited web hosting
Put no limits to your web hosting service (and for a cheap price!)

There are currently over 330,000 web hosting providers in the world. Needless to say, that can make it tricky to pick the right service for your website. That’s why, for a lot of business owners, price is a differentiating factor. Ensuring you get unlimited web hosting at the best cost is a valuable IT investment for your company.

However, not all cheap unlimited web hosting plans are made equal. Therefore, we’ve compiled a brief overview of the potential hosting risks that hide behind a budget-friendly price tag. Here is what you need to know when choosing the right hosting company for your website.

Do unlimited web hosting plans have hidden costs?

Not specifically. At Nirvaris, we keep our costs transparent. So when you choose unlimited web hosting, you know exactly what is included in your package.

However, some hosting companies can have hidden costs, which you need to understand. What are the typical hidden costs that come with an unlimited web hosting plan?

● Bandwidth charges
● VAT charges
● Setup costs
● Domain name transfer fees

Can cheap unlimited web hosting include limits?

This may seem like an odd question. However, unlimited web hosting packages are not always unlimited. It’s worth reading the small print to figure out what unlimited really means. The most common case is unlimited broadband. If your website receives a lot of traffic, your provider could force you to upgrade. Alternatively, they could close down the site to free up broadband for other clients.
Another frequently recurring “limited” issue is the available tech support you receive. When you use web hosting services, you relinquish the control of the security to the host. This could expose you to web server attacks. You don’t want your cheap unlimited web hosting company to charge for support when they compromised your site.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to check that your CPanel comes with sufficient ready to install web applications. Some web hosting companies limit which PHP applications you can use.

Can a web hosting company steal my domain name?

Some web hosting companies register your domain name to themselves rather than you. This means they maintain domain name ownership, even if you choose to switch hosts. Make sure to check before creating your domain name.

Am I free to change hosts?

There’s a reason why cheap unlimited web hosts can afford low prices. Many streamline their structure to cut costs. However, some offer long-term fixed annual contracts, which allow them to bring the overall hosting fees down. In other words, you are stuck with the same web hosting company until the end of the contract. Leaving early or trying to cancel could lead to penalty fees.

Ideally, you want to check that your web hosting plan comes with a manageable monthly package, such as the Nirvaris unlimited hosting plans.

Does my cheap web hosting company cover tech support?

Not all companies provide extensive support. You need server administrators and programmers to answer your queries and solve issues fast. At Nirvaris, we provide:

● Different options to contact your host
● Secured client area to raise support cases
● Accessible & available support team (24/7 online)

In conclusion, always look for a trustworthy, reliable, and transparent unlimited web hosting plan. You don’t want nasty surprises when it comes to your online presence.

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