What’s the Difference Between Web Hosting and a Website Builder?

By: nirvaris  |  June 16, 2020
Web Hosting or a Website Builder?


If you’re looking to build your business’ presence online, you may be a bit confused about where to start. One thing that confuses a lot of people is whether they need to buy web hosting, a website builder, or both. Below, we will talk you through this to help you get a better understanding.

What is a website builder?
A website builder is a type of software that gives you the ability to create a website without needing any coding knowledge. A lot of website builders offer a drag-and-drop interface, meaning you can simply click and drag different elements onto the screen. They come with a wide range of features, from SEO tools to e-commerce tools, as well as a wide range of templates.

What is a web host?
A web hosting service enables you to make your site available via the World Wide Web. You need a web host so that your site can be viewed by other people. There are different types of web hosting, such as SSD hosting and MYSQL database hosting. You can also get web hosting for bloggers specifically.

What is the difference between a web host and a website builder?
A website builder is what you use to create your website; from the design of it to the different features incorporated. Web hosting refers to the technologies that are used so that other people can view the website that you have created.

Can you build a website for free?
Yes, there are a lot of website builders that have a free plan available. However, we should note that there are a lot of restrictions on these plans. For example, you may not be able to have your own domain name and you are probably going to have the website builder’s branding across your site too.

Do you need a web host or a website builder?
You definitely need a web host, but you don’t necessarily need a website builder. This is because you could decide to pay for the services of a website designer instead. However, most people do go down the website builder route because it is cheaper and it will give you full control in terms of editing your website. A lot of the packages available today tend to include both web hosting and website building in one.

Why choose an unlimited web hosting plan with a website builder?
This makes it easier to manage your online presence, and it can also make it a lot cheaper too.

Which website builder is the best?
There are many different website builders out there today. This includes everything from Squarespace and Wix to SITE 123 and Weebly. The best site builder depends on your needs and what you’re looking for in a site builder. For example, if ease of use is the name of the game, you may prefer Weebly. However, if you are looking to benefit from a wide range of features and design flexibility, you are probably going to prefer Wix.

So hopefully, you now have a better understanding of the differences between web hosts and website builders, as well as what you need for your business.
Which one are you going to choose?

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