Discover Why Web Hosting for Small Businesses is Essential

By: nirvaris  |  March 14, 2019


We are sure you already know that you need a website for your small business. Customers will commonly search for this to find out more about your products, your solutions and indeed your reviews. To run your website effectively, you need a web hosting service. Let’s look at why this is important, some of the features you should consider and the different options available.


Why Is Web Hosting Essential For Small Businesses?

If you want your business website to be found or seen online you need business website hosting. It really is as simple as that. Think of it like renting a brick and mortar store for a company in the real world. It’s basically the same idea just far cheaper. With this solution all your data and information for the site will be stored on a server. That will ensure that users can access and view your site easily and, depending on the hosting service you use, rapidly too.

For this reason, choosing a web hosting provider is always going to be a crucial first step when setting up your small business online.


What Features Should You Watch Out For?

Web hosting packages come with a range of different features included. Some more affordable web hosting solutions offer lower levels of benefits but you should always start by considering security. This is particularly important for ecommerce website hosting, because you will be taking responsibility for all the sensitive data customers provide to you. This could also be relevant for small business web hosting too because there will still be info that you don’t want to be hacked.

Uptime is another important consideration. At certain points through the year every web hosting provider will need to complete maintenance. This is usually to upgrade hardware or ensure the best security. At these times your website may not be fully accessible. The website hosting plans will offer the absolute lowest levels of downtime. They’ll also guarantee that your site will perform rapidly. Anything more than a few seconds of loading time will result in customers seeking out the competition instead.

Affordability, customer service and ease of use are other important considerations that you should think about before you buy hosting space.


Different Types Of Web Hosting For Small Business

Finally, you need to consider the different types of hosting options available. For instance some website builders provide this solution such as WordPress hosting. Others, you will need to seek out hosting from another company.

When you do you’ll be able to choose from:

-Shared hosting:  Affordable and user-friendly, this is ideal for low levels of traffic. Multiple companies rely on the same server with this option.
-Cloud hosting: Still fantastic value, the cloud server offers more space allowing scalability for a growing business.
-VPS: With this option you still share a server but with lower levels of businesses. It’s more expensive than the previous options but ideal if you receive a high level of regular visitors.
-Dedicated Servers: Extremely popular sites require an unlimited web hosting solution. These web hosting plans provide the max level of storage and often offer superior speeds as well as performance.


With this information, you’ll be able to find the best web hosting solution for your small business and understand some of the top features you need.