6 Ecommerce Business Ideas to Pursue In Lockdown

By: nirvaris  |  April 20, 2020
Getting creative in times of an outbreak

Covid-19 is responsible for the quarantine of a large number of people. The world has rapidly changed in light of the virus and many people are out of work, furloughed or having to adjust to working from home. Covid-19 has radically changed everything from the way we shop to how we communicate.

But that being said, there are still businesses that are thriving during this time – and not just those involving key workers. Ecommerce businesses are also able to continue much of their work as they tend to adapt more easily to working from home and require nothing more than a laptop and a good internet connection.

So, if you’re looking for a change in direction, here a few ideas that might suit you.

Software Development
While many businesses aren’t open right now, this is the perfect time to develop new ideas and software. For software developers, this could be the moment you’ve been waiting for to figure out new solutions. Pitch some cool ideas to your clients and then get cracking!

We don’t know how long the coronavirus is going to affect us. But, business is business so when the traps do open, most will be looking for an edge. This is exactly what software developers can provide and there is still time to experiment and play with new ideas.

Website Design
With unlimited website hosting, website design has become more adventurous and many businesses are looking to make a bigger impact. High quality website design is critical as this is often the first impression a business can make. This is why the best website designers are in such high demand.

As many businesses are taking their websites offline for a few weeks, this is a good time to approach clients about redesigns of their own. It’s like someone has pressed the pause button and marketers everywhere should take advantage!

Content Writing
People are really bored and they are looking for great content. No matter what your specialism or style, now is the time to push your skills and advertise to businesses near you. Content writing requires nothing more than a laptop, a comfy seat and a steady flow of tea – oh and you should also look into small business web hosting so you can showcase your work.

The key to content writing is to keep your work fresh and lively. Make sure that your writing is easy to read and keeps your readers reading. If any business is looking for a new website, they will also want new content!

Graphic Design
Just like website design and content writing, graphic design is an essential part of marketing and branding. Many companies will be looking to graphic designers to help put out marketing messages throughout the pandemic.

Any companies who are using this time to rebrand will also require graphic design services. In fact, it’s a good idea for ecommerce businesses specialising in content, website design and graphic design to team up to supply a comprehensive set of services.

Translation Services
The top 5 most spoken languages, according to Wikipedia, in the world are:

1. Mandarin Chinese
2. Spanish
3. English
4. Hindi
5. Bengali

But translation services stretch well beyond. Translators are required in a range of different capacities and you might find that you prefer written transcription. But don’t rule out live audio translation. Zoom has become rapidly popular and there are lots of different apps for audio-only conversations too.

Lifestyle Coach
Lifestyle coaching has taken off recently and all you need is a webcam to start. People look to lifestyle coaches to help them improve their wellbeing, progress at work and lose weight. But these aren’t the only areas that can be improved. You could also consult on things like organising and cleaning tips, beauty and exercise.

Many personal trainers have moved their businesses online as a result of Covid-19. Some, like Joe Wicks, even started out by posting videos on Instagram so it’s definitely possible to flourish.

While the lockdown is certainly going to change how we do business, this change could be quite exciting. As more services switch to online platforms and physical distancing changes how we speak, working from home could become more common. This is an excellent time to work on a new business idea or restructure a current business.

Pursuing a new business idea during such a strange time might sound like a disaster. But, the weirdness of the world right now is the perfect backdrop for some incredible creativity. Besides, there’s not much else to do!

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