How Does E-commerce Hosting Work? A Brief Guide

By: nirvaris  |  May 10, 2019

When you run an e-commerce site, you don’t need to worry about renting a store or any of the expenses that come with it. But one thing you definitely do need to think about is web hosting. If it’s time for you to choose a web hosting service, you first need to learn more about it and how it all works, as well as why it matters so much. Find out all that and more below.


What is E-commerce Hosting?

E-commerce hosting is, first of all, about hosting your site on a web server so that it can be safely and securely accessed by your visitors and customers. But it’s also more than that because hosting an e-commerce site requires more than what would be required when hosting a regular website.

Good e-commerce web hosting offers e-commerce functionality and a particular range of features and technical aspects that make the process of managing and maintaining an e-commerce site that little bit easier on a day to day basis.


Why Your E-commerce site Needs Web Hosting

You should think of your web hosting as the equivalent of maintaining a storefront in the real world. It’s just as important because your e-commerce can’t really function without it. It’s a necessary expense that makes the future success of your website possible.

There are lots of reasons why the web hosting service you choose will influence how successful your e-commerce site is likely to be, and you can find out more about that importance in the text below.


The Most Important Aspects of E-commerce Web Hosting

Here are some of the things that matter most when selecting a web hosting service for your e-commerce site.


Software Compatibility

There are all kinds of functionality that matter when you’re trying to run an e-commerce site. For example, you’ll need the hosting to work with your shopping cart software and any other software you rely on.



Customers only trust websites that are safe and secure, and if they see evidence that yours isn’t secure, it’ll be almost impossible for you to regain their trust. That’s why the security offered by the web hosting you choose is so important.


Uptime and Speed

People can only use your time if it’s actually up and available. It’s your web hosting service that’ll dictate its uptime levels as well as its speed. Ideally, you should expect at least 99% uptime.


Customer Service

When things aren’t working as they should, you should be able to rely on a response from your hosting provider. Good customer service makes your life a lot easier and a lot less frustrating.


Automated Backups

There are lots of pages that need to be designed in order to make your e-commerce a success, so you want the option of them being backed up automatically in case something goes wrong down the line.


The Potential to Grow with the Service

Every e-commerce site owner wants and expects their site to grow, but does your web hosting make that possible and smooth? It should be able to scale to your needs over time, so keep that in mind.