How to create a child theme in WordPress – Step by step

By: nirvaris  |  February 23, 2021
Do you need a child theme when using WP?

The WordPress content management system is one of the most popular CMS solutions in the world. Users ranging from businesses to bloggers, depend on WordPress as their content management solution. One main reason that WordPress is such a popular choice is the ease with which users can publish webpages. WordPress enables you to create a professional website without any prior experience of coding or as a developer. Once you have chosen WordPress, you simply need to consider the plugins you want to use and compare hosting prices.

What are Child Themes?

WordPress’s themes enable users to personalise their website by altering the way that it looks and its functionality. One way to easily adjust the look of your website with minimal hassle is to use child themes. So, what are child themes? Child themes enable you to make small changes to your website based on an existing theme.

How do Child Themes Work?

Child themes work by using a complete theme and then modifying it. Modifying the complete theme is called creating a child theme. Once a child theme is created, the complete theme is known as a parent theme. Creating a child theme enables you to make changes to your website without losing the original complete theme. Essentially, you can make a copy of the existing theme and then adjust it without overriding the original theme’s features and functionality.

Why Use a Child Theme?

If you are wondering why should I use a child theme, take a look at the features that you could benefit from when using child themes for websites:

● Using a child theme enables you to make changes to your website quickly.
● You can make changes to your parent themes without them impacting your child themes.
● Child themes are a low-risk way to experiment with different themes without damaging your parent theme.
● Child themes are an easy way to make small changes to the look and functionality of your website.

How to use Child Themes for Websites?

Have you decided that you want to use a child theme for your website? If so, you are probably wondering how to get started. The great news is that creating a child theme on your website is not too challenging. Even if you have not had a lot of experience as a developer, you can quickly benefit from everything that child themes have to offer. Here is how to use a child theme on your website:

Step 1: Make a Backup

● Creating child themes removes many of the potential risks of experimenting with your website. However, it is still wise to create a backup of your site just in case something goes wrong.

Step 2: Creating a new folder for your child theme:

● Start by opening up your WordPress installation folder and open /wp-content/themes/
● Create a new folder.
● You will need to name your new child theme folder. Usually, you will keep the same name as the parent theme with the word ‘child’ at the end to distinguish it from the parent theme.

Step 3: Creating a Stylesheet:

● Once you have created your folder, you will need to create a stylesheet file.
● Your stylesheet should be named style.css.
● You will need to alter your theme name so that it matches your theme and adjust the template to reflect the name of your parent theme. This will ensure that WordPress knows that it is a child theme and can identify its parent theme.

Step 4: Enqueue the Stylesheet:

● To make sure that the parent theme loads along with the child theme, you may need to enqueue the stylesheet.
● If your parent theme does not load both the child theme and parent theme, then you may need to create a functions.php within your child theme directory and to add the PHP code.

Step 5: Install and Activate Child Theme:

● Your next step is to install your child theme.
● Once installed, your child theme will need to be activated.

Once these steps are completed, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of child themes. As your confidence grows, you can experiment further and makes additional changes to enhance your website.

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