How to Install WordPress in No Time

By: nirvaris  |  July 08, 2019


There are several ways that you can install WordPress, and affordable WordPress hosting should be something that is important to you. Trying to figure out how to install WordPress shouldn’t be difficult, which is why there is more than one method. WordPress is a popular platform for users, and you can install it on a variety of servers and hosts, and it’s easy to find cheap WordPress hosting if it’s what you want. Web hosting for WordPress should be affordable, so let’s take a look at the varied methods that you can use.

Can I Find Affordable WordPress Hosting That Is Pre-Installed?

Yes, you can. In fact, it’s the easiest way to install WordPress. Choosing an affordable web hosting for WordPress is so much easier when the host comes with it pre-installed. Most WordPress hosts will let you want to have it installed already, so once you’ve signed up with them for hosting, you can use the WordPress site and all of the tools right away. Luckily for you, there is plenty of cheap WordPress hosting sites out there that you can use. Some hosts have high performing shared PHP/MySQL servers that use cPanel to work on. It’s always easier to use a company that has a full featured CPanel, with everything unlimited but the disk space. With programs like Softaculous, you can install all the PHP applications you love with one click. WordPress is just one of many!

Do I Need To Install WordPress Myself?

On pre-installed hosting sites, no, you don’t. However, if you have cPanel, then you will need to. It’s the dashboard that most of the web hosts out there give to their customers, and when you sign up for affordable WordPress hosting, the host should give you the cPanel login details. This will then be accompanied by an auto-installer, which can automate the whole WordPress installation process. You won’t need to do the entire WordPress installation manually, but you will need to add in some basic info and click a button.

How Do I Install WordPress Manually?

Most people choose not to install WordPress manually, precisely because there is plenty of affordable WordPress hosting options that can do it for you. However, a lot of beginners like to do it themselves to get a feel for the process. Let’s take a look at how you can do it:

– Make sure you have an FTP program ready for file uploads, like FileZilla.
– Download the latest version of WordPress from
– Unzip the downloaded file and upload it to the public_html directory for your website.
– Create a new database through the MySQL Databases option on your cPanel account. It’s easy to find, but if you can’t, just your host.
– Create a user for your database, and once you’ve done that, follow the on-screen instructions to create a new user.
– Next, give that user all privileges and then head over to your new domain name to complete the process.
– This should then enable you to see the WordPress install wizard on your domain page.
– Give your new WordPress site a title and enter the asked information to create the account. Then, click INSTALL WORDPRESS.


You’ve done it! You’ve installed WordPress on a site with affordable WordPress hosting. It’s always easier to use the auto-installers, but now you know how to do it yourself!