Creating an Email address for Thunderbird

By: nirvaris  |  July 15, 2020

What is a Thunderbird email address? How do I set up a new email account in Thunderbird?
These and other questions (and their answers) are clearly explained in this article.

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What’s the Difference Between Web Hosting and a Website Builder?

By: nirvaris  |  June 16, 2020

  If you’re looking to build your business’ presence online, you may be a bit confused about where to start. One thing that confuses a lot of people is whether they need to buy web hosting, a website builder, or both. Below, we will talk you through this to help you get a better understanding. […]

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Colocation vs Web Hosting: Which one is best?

By: nirvaris  |  June 15, 2020

  All businesses aiming to have an online presence need to consider how they are going to host their website. You have a number of options available. One option is to pay to use the equipment of a web hosting company. Another is to invest in and manage your own software. Should you go for […]

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What is MySQL and where can you learn it

By: nirvaris  |  May 15, 2020

As a business, many people will be looking for ways to streamline the data that they have on their website and pages. Be that an inventory for their online e-commerce store, or a database of information and website data that can be used and analysed easily. This is where the MySQL database can come in […]

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What is SEO and How Does it Work?

By: nirvaris  |  May 12, 2020

There is no denying that SEO (search engine optimisation) can be overwhelming. Even intimidating for someone who isn’t sure about how it works and what is involved. Whether you are a business that is just starting out creating a website online. Or whether your business is going through a brand redesign with a new website, […]

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Why E-Commerce Skills Demand Could Rise During COVID-19

By: nirvaris  |  April 22, 2020

The population is currently required to stay inside to prevent spreading COVID-19 and flatten the curve. This means that many regular retail businesses are forced to close. Still, consumers will need to purchase supplies, whether food, drink, household essentials, or items to help pass the time. Rather than visit the stores physically, they must instead […]

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6 Ecommerce Business Ideas to Pursue In Lockdown

By: nirvaris  |  April 20, 2020

Covid-19 is responsible for the quarantine of a large number of people. The world has rapidly changed in light of the virus and many people are out of work, furloughed or having to adjust to working from home. Covid-19 has radically changed everything from the way we shop to how we communicate. But that being […]

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Why MySQL Database Hosting Is The Best Solution For Large Businesses

By: nirvaris  |  March 16, 2020

Finding the right web hosting services is vital if you run a large website. Poor hosting leads to a lot of potential issues that can hurt your business. But you can solve those issues with our cheap unlimited web hosting services. The benefits include: ● Faster load times. ● Improved site performance. ● Domain associated […]

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6 Business Ideas in a Post Brexit World

By: nirvaris  |  March 13, 2020

Whether you think it’s a good idea or a bad one, the reality is that the UK has finally started the process of leaving the EU. During the transition period, it could be the perfect time to think about how you could benefit from the big change. Whether you’re already an entrepreneur or you’re thinking […]

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