How to test your website before changing the DNS

By: nirvaris  |  March 15, 2017

When you migrate your website to us, you might want to check if everything is alright before changing your DNS to pointing to our DNS. Here is how you do it.

Once you complete the registration process you will receive a welcome email from us with some information about your new account. Email’s subject will be “New Account Information”.

In this email you will find all the information about your newly created account: details about the chosen package, login information, email settings, server and DNS details.
Towards the bottom of the email you will find “Server IP”. Select and copy the IP address.
This is a sample, your details will be different.

Nirvaris Host - My IP address

Once you have the IP, you must edit a text file called “hosts” in your local computer. This file is responsible for your local DNS settings.

On Windows, this file is located at:


On Mac, this file is located at:


You will need to edit the file as an Administrator. You can edit this file with a text editor from your choice.

At the end of the file add a new line, paste the Server IP address from the email and add the domain you own on the same line, after the IP address with a space between the IP and the domain.

Nirvaris Host - Host file

Your “hosts” file might have other records at the end. Just add this one at the bottom.

Save the Hosts File and Reboot.

Now you can have access to your website just browsing to and check if your website is ok.

Once everything is OK, you can finally point your DNS to Nirvaris.

Don’t forget to remove that line from your hosts file.