How to setup email to use with your Gmail account

By: nirvaris  |  March 15, 2017

Nirvaris is made for speed, not for storage.

This is the solution we suggest to use. You don’t need to pay anything to google and it works smoothly. It is not so easy to set up tho. At the end, you will be able to send and receive your email under your domain name through your Gmail account without using any of your storage space on Nirvaris.HOST. The same can apply to other email providers like Yahoo and

The idea here is to use to send and receive your emails, and forward them to your gmail account.

We are going to do two things that will connect your gmail account to your Nirvaris.HOST email.

1: set up a SMTP account, so you can use your gmail to send email through as your own domain. You can use this SMTP account to set up for all your email accounts.

2: set up a forwarder address, so Nirvaris will forward any email to to your gmail account.

Let’s start it:

Log in to your CPanel account:

1: Set up a generic SMTP account:

Look for Email Accounts

Nirvaris Host - CPanel Emails Accounts/p>

Then you fill in the form with the following details:

email: smtp
password of your choice

Nirvaris Host - CPanel Add Emails Account

That is all for your SMTP account. Remember the password, you will need it later.

You can see a list of all email accounts you have set up on this screen.

Make sure the accounts you want to set up for gmail are not on this list. If they are, delete them. Don’t forget to do a backup of your IMAP emails if you have any important ones on this.

2: Set up a Forwarder

On the main screen of your CPanel, look for Forwarders

Nirvaris Host - CPanel forwarders

click on “Add Forwarder” button

Nirvaris Host - Create a forwarder

Enter the address you want to forward in the “Address to Forward” field and the address you want to forward to in the “Forward to Email Address”. Check that the addresses are correct and press “Add Forwarder”.

Nirvaris Host - Forward

After this, any email sent to will be forwarded to your gmail. You can test it from another email. If you send the test from your gmail, Gmail is smart enough to understand you are forwarding and you won’t receive the email. You have to test it from another email. Just ask a friend to send you an email to, and check if you receive it to your gmail.

Now, we have to sort the Gmail side.

We have to tell Gmail that you as authorise Gmail to send email on your behalf.

Log in to your gmail account. Look for a gear wheel at the top right corner of your Gmail page. Click the down arrow and select “Settings”.

Nirvaris Host - Gmail settings

In order to reply from your Gmail as the address that was forwarded we need to add that address to the “Send mail as” list in Gmail Settings.

In the “Accounts and Import” tab select “Add another email address you own”.

Nirvaris Host - Gmail send mail as



Make sure the checkbox “Treat as an alias” is unticket.

The next screen is very important. It is where you must add the details of the SMTP account we created at the very beginning. These details will be the same for every email you create for your domain for all your users. All your users will use the same SMTP account to send emails out, each one with its own email forwarder.

Here you type the SMTP password you set up for your SMTP at the beginning of this tutorial. Make sure to change the port for 465, as in the image:

Nirvaris Host - Gmail smtp

Verify the account

Once you click “Add Account” you will receive an email from Google with a verification link. It is sent in order to verify that you own the email address you just entered. The email will be sent to your email address “”, which is forwarding to your Gmail. If you set everything right, you will receive that email in your Gmail account. Click the verification link and you are done.

Replying  from Gmail

When you click reply in Gmail you are able now to select which account you want to send the reply from. You should see your newly added email address on the list. Now you can reply from Gmail to emails forwarded from Nirvaris using your Nirvaris hosted email address (or any other address you have on the list).

Nirvaris Host - Gmail choosing from

Now, you should be able to send and receive emails from from inside your Gmail account.

You should be able to do this setup for any email provider like Yahoo and

If you need any help, please, email us on