A Simple Guide in Web Hosting Trends

By: nirvaris  |  August 14, 2019

web hosting trends

The biggest web hosts are always changing their products and services. They do this to try to attract new clients and to also keep their current ones happy. Not only that, though, but some of their changes are necessary to keep up with some of the biggest trends that occur within web hosting.

Do you want to know what is affecting web hosting prices and unlimited website hosting at the minute? Read on to find out more.


How Is Security Affecting Domain Hosting Services?

Security is a really big trend (and an obvious one) when it comes to web hosting. There is a huge amount of pressure from within the industry for web hosting platforms to ensure that they are offering a safe and secure service to their customers. After all, the threat from hackers and viruses has never been so big. So, you will now see that WordPress and other web hosting companies offer features like authentication and security protocols in order to keep their users as secure as possible. Always have the very latest version if you are using CMS like WordPress as this helps with the security matter.

Is The Cloud Promoting Quality Web Hosting?

When you are looking for a new quality web hosting option now, you will also notice that quite a few mention the cloud. This is virtual web hosting, and the platform will store all of your information remotely on the virtual cloud. This often works out a lot cheaper for clients and customers as they will only ever pay for an as-needed service. That’s because the cloud can be scaled to a size as big or as small as you need, so you are only paying for exactly what you need from a web domain. As a result, a lot more web hosting firms are now offering a lot more competitive pricing plans for their services.

Are The Trends in the Web Hosting Industry Creating Affordable Options?

As you might have picked up from the above point, the cloud servers are now helping to create some very affordable web hosting options for customers. But are there any more trends that are helping improve prices? Not quite as directly for the customer, but one thing to note is that hardware is now becoming cheaper and more accessible for web hosting companies. As they are able to reduce their overheads thanks to this, they can then pass on these reductions to their clients and customers.

What Are Some Of The Other Unlimited Web Hosting Trends?

Automated backups are now a big deal within the web hosting business. Customers want to know that their information and data is protected from any security breaches, and automatically backed up web hosting domains are helping to boost their confidence. There are now also a lot more enhanced web builders too. Even customers who don’t come from a tech or IT background can easily use them to create their ideal site that looks professionally done. As a result, there are also many more website templates available than what there once was. That’s a  given.


These are a handful of the biggest trends at the minute affecting web hosting right now. Do you know of any other?

We’d love to hear it about below.