Top 5 Common WordPress Errors And How To Resolve Them

By: nirvaris  |  January 19, 2021
How do you fix WordPress errors?

WordPress is the most popular digital tool to help individuals and businesses create their own blog or website. There are many site elements to consider, from affordable wordpress hosting to the best plugins.

WordPress makes website building easy, yet it’s not uncommon to come across WordPress errors every now and then. Let’s take a look at some of the most common site errors, and how to resolve them.

1 . How can I fix the WordPress 404 error?

When a user clicks a page or post, the error is indicated by a ‘404 page not found’ notification. All other sections of the site are available for browsing, besides the page in question. The error is usually caused by incorrect permalink settings. To fix the problem, you need to reconfigure the permalinks.

● Go to the ‘Settings’ Tab.
● Click on ‘Permalinks’.
● Hit the ‘Save Changes’ button.
● If this doesn’t fix the error, you’ll need to manually update your .htaccess file.

2. How to fix the sidebar below content issue on WordPress?

When using WordPress you might find that the sidebar decides to get up and move, sitting itself below your main content! Usually, this error is caused by a problem with the CSS code or an HTML theme. If you’ve edited one of your theme files recently, revert this file to its prior state. Besides this, check for the following:

● Faulty CSS margins: The margins need to be correctly set in the style.css file, if not, your sidebar may not have the space it requires.
● Remaining <div> tags: These types add different HTML elements. When a <div> tag has not been correctly opened and closed, the sidebar may move.

3. How can I fix the missed schedule post error in WordPress?

Sometimes, WordPress can miss a scheduled post. If this keeps happening to you, you’ll need to install a plugin called, ‘WP Missed Schedule Plugin’. The plugin searches for any posts that have missed their schedule and then publishes these.

4. How can I fix your connection is not private error WordPress?

The ‘your connection is not private error’ appears if a site is using the HTTP/SSL protocol. It only appears if the browser cannot validate the certificate provided by the site. To resolve this error, try the following:

● Close the browser app and then open it again.
● Next, go to the site and hit ‘Command + R’ in an attempt to force reload this page.
● Try visiting the site using different browsers. If only one browser displays the message, reinstall this browser.
● Clear your browser’s cache.
● Ensure that the time and date settings on your computer are correct (this can affect SSL certificates).

5. How can I fix WordPress image upload issues?

To fix image upload issues you’ll need an FTP so that you can adapt the file permissions.

● Open your site using the FTP and access the /wp-content/ folder.
● Open this and find the folder for uploads.
● Right-click for the ‘uploads directory,’ and choose ‘File Permissions’ to open the ‘file permissions dialogue box’.
● Type in ‘744’ to the ‘numeric value box’.
● Tick the box for ‘Recurse into subdirectories’.
● Click on ‘Apply to directories only’ and hit ‘Ok’.
● Return to uploads directory, go to file permissions.
● Type 644 in the numeric value box.
● Finally, check the boxes for ‘Recurse into subdirectories’, ‘Apply to files only’, and select ‘OK’.

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