Is Unlimited Web Hosting Any Good for your Business?

By: nirvaris  |  September 20, 2019

As the online needs of businesses expand, there are growing demands on business website hosting services to adapt. Companies need facilities that allow them to host as many domains and subdomains through a single account as they require. They don’t want to have to open new accounts or go to different service provides, just because they want to launch a new product page or branded set of web pages.

What is unlimited website hosting?

Unlimited website hosting is a solution to the conundrum mentioned above. It’s a service that lets businesses host as many websites or subdomains as they like on a single server, virtual server, or user account.


What are the benefits of unlimited website hosting?

The benefits of unlimited website hosting are extraordinary. Take a look at the following:

1) List as many domains as you like on a single account

Ideally, your IT infrastructure should adjust according to the needs of your customers and brand. If you need to open a new website or domain, for instance, there shouldn’t be any IT resource friction involved. You should just be able to go to your webmaster account and set up the new page immediately without having to jump through any hoops.

It’s this level of usability that unlimited web hosting provides. It gives businesses the ability to adjust the number of web pages and domains that they use on the fly, without having to overcome technical hurdles.

2) Add new domains without additional cost

Often web hosts try to charge businesses extra when they add new domains. Not so with unlimited domain hosting: you pay a flat fee for your account, and can then expand as you see fit.

It’s a great boon for practically any business, but particular e-commerce companies. Unlimited hosting options allow you to add thousands of new product pages without having to worry about incurring additional website costs.


3) Get control over all of your domains

Even cheap unlimited web hosting gives you access to powerful management tools that you can use to control all of your web domains. You get facilities like DNS management, WHOIS management, parked domains, and domain registration and transfer services. Unlimited web hosting services also give you things like ID protection and low-cost bandwidth upgrades.


4) Get unlimited bandwidth hosting

Web hosting unlimited bandwidth used to be a pipe dream. But with improvements in server technology, it’s fast become a reality. The combination of super-fast internet connections and SSD storage means that companies like yours can serve up web pages to thousands of concurrent users at high speed, even if they’re data-heavy.


5) Set limits in advance

Finally, unlimited web hosting gives you the freedom to add as many pages or domains as you like, within your allocated limits. Web hosting companies, for instance, give you an agreed quantity of storage space on their servers or a monthly traffic quota.

Do you need unlimited website hosting for your business? If so, then get in touch with one of our friendly professionals today. We’d love to talk about your needs.

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