A Little Bit of (Useful) Web Hosting Glossary

By: nirvaris  |  December 20, 2019

Maybe you are a business owner or a blogger with basic or null knowledge of technical vocabulary regarding websites, Internet hosting companies and IT in general. Here at Nirvaris Host we always want to make your life easier so let’s take a look at some of the important terms you might need to know when it comes to hosting a website online and some of the related services that go along with that.

What Is Unlimited Website Hosting?

Web hosting is a service allowing an individual or company to have a website up and running online.
Usually, this is offered by providers who have the necessary tools and equipment that others might not have.
Unlimited web hosting is hosting that includes all of the standard web hosting, plus the ability to have access to unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, email accounts, and whatever else is being offered in the package.

Bandwidth indicates how many tasks you can carry out at one time online, so having unlimited means that there is technically no limit on the amount that you can do with your internet. This is a useful means of web hosting when it comes to running a small business or another enterprise which is going to need plenty of space and so on to operate successfully.


What Is SSD Hosting?

An SSD disk is a kind of disk drive, which relies solely on electronics with no moving parts, unlike many other kinds of disk drives. This often has a way of making it a more reliable and faster type of disk to use. They function in a similar way to the common USB drive.
SSD disks use non-volatile memory to store information. They won’t lose any of that information after power is switched off, unlike RAM. The data is stored on microchips, meaning that there are fewer delays in reading the data and that they are more resistant to shakes and so on.
They can also be much faster than their HDD counterparts.
SSD hosting is simply the process of data being stored on SSD on your behalf. This is a service offered by companies that have the resources to be able to store data. It is especially useful if you are in need of a web hosting service, along with the ability to store data relevant to that website.


What Is Dedicated Web Hosting?

Dedicated web hosting is one of the many web hosting options that are offered by companies who have the capabilities for such things.
With a dedicated hosting service, the organization effectively leases out its entire server to the client.
Clearly, this provides the client with a huge amount of data space to use for whatever purpose they might need it for.

The host provides the server equipment itself, along with administration help and often many other related and relevant services at the same time. That might include SSD hosting, as above, or website hosting too. It is often also referred to as managed hosting, but it is the same thing.


These are all terms that are useful to know if you are considering using such a service, so it’s good to be aware of them to make informed decisions when the time comes.

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