What Is Joomla Web Hosting And, More Importantly, Is It Free?

By: nirvaris  |  November 18, 2019


Joomla is described as a free, open-source content management platform. But for those of you who aren’t particularly technically-minded, what does all that tech-speak actually mean?

If you’ve heard of WordPress and sort of know what it is, then you’re in luck. Joomla is essentially the same thing, just not as popular. It provides a system that allows businesses, bloggers, and anyone else to create compelling websites and post them on the web.

The service is open-source, meaning that anyone can take the source code and adapt it however they want for their websites. Like WordPress, it’s also FREE, although there is the odd plug-in that you have to pay for.

No, it’s nowhere near as popular as WordPress, which is behind something like 30 per cent of all the websites on the internet, but it’s still the second most-used platform with more than 30 million sites using it in some capacity.


What Is Joomla Web Hosting?

Joomla web hosting (not to be confused with Joomla itself) is something different again. While Joomla is the set of content management tools that people use to organise their blogs and websites, Joomla hosting refers to the hardware that makes it possible to publish the content online.

It sounds complicated, but it’s actually quite simple in principle. The hosting company is just the service that provides the servers, security and backup facilities to lets Joomla users run their websites. It’s no different from what happens when you use WordPress (or any other content management system for that matter).


How Can You Choose The Best Joomla Web Hosting Service?

When it comes to selecting the best Joomla web hosting service, you’ll need to consider the following:

1. Security. Is the web host able to deal with Joomla security threats and issues quickly? Does the service provide regular backups?
2. Quality. Does the web host offer plenty of developers to spot errors quickly?
3. Freedom. Are you able to amend or cancel your plan at will?
4. Support. Is the web host available to answer your questions and deal with issues promptly?


Not all Joomla hosting services are the same. Some offer Joomla-specific plans, but many do not. Finding a quality service, therefore, can be a challenge.

Expertise in Joomla server configuration is essential. While many web hosting solutions are geared towards WordPress, yours must have the expertise and knowledge to optimise its servers specifically for Joomla. Hosts, therefore, need to be up-to-date with the latest Joomla security requirements, patches and fixes.

The Joomla supported server should also have excellent uptime, ideally “four nines” or higher. Just a few seconds of downtime during a peak period can have devastating consequences for your online enterprise.

Finally, you want a web host who provides excellent infrastructure designed to serve up Joomla pages speedily. The better the platform, the faster the pages will load, and the happier your visitors will be.


Can You Get Joomla Web Hosting For Free?

While Joomla itself is free, most web hosting services aren’t. There are some, however, like Nirvaris Host, that offers free packages alongside paid alternatives. Go to our Homepage or contact us for more details.

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