Colocation vs Web Hosting: Which one is best?

By: nirvaris  |  June 15, 2020
Colocation vs Web Hosting services


All businesses aiming to have an online presence need to consider how they are going to host their website. You have a number of options available. One option is to pay to use the equipment of a web hosting company. Another is to invest in and manage your own software. Should you go for this option, and you decide to rent space at a data centre to store your web server, this is what is known as colocation. Below, we’re going to delve deeper into the difference between web hosting and colocation.

What makes colocation hosting a good choice instead of unlimited website hosting?
There are a number of benefits that are associated with colocation. This includes:

– You will have full ownership of your software and hardware, as well as having complete control of software and hardware configuration.
– There is also a low risk of network vulnerabilities or downtime.
– Plus, you’re going to be able to use all of the IT security and infrastructure that is in place at the data centre in question.
– You are also going to be able to benefit from a greater amount of bandwidth than would be achievable in the office or when using a shared web hosting account.

Are there any drawbacks of colocation hosting?
There are a few!

– With this option, the user is going to be in charge of maintenance, upgrades, and updates. Some people would prefer to have tech experts in control of this.
– Colocation can also require a much bigger initial investment, so this is something to keep in mind.

What are the benefits of cheap unlimited web hosting?
There are a number of reasons why some people prefer to go down the web hosting route. This includes:

-You can scale the service to suit your needs right away.
-You are also not going to have any responsibility for the maintenance of the hardware.
– One of the main reasons why people go down this route is that it is cost-effective, which makes it perfectly suited to beginners and small businesses. In most cases, you will pay a small monthly fee, making it a lot easier for you to manage your expenses. You can often pay annually in order to lock in some savings too.
– There are many different web hosting services, ranging from web hosting for bloggers to business site owners. You also have SSD hosting, MYSQL database hosting, and more!

What are the cons of web hosting?
There are also some drawbacks associated with web hosting.

– You may have to share server space with other users, depending on the hosting solution you choose.
– You are also not going to have complete control of your software or hardware, and you won’t own the IT equipment either.

Should you choose to buy web hosting or colocation?
Choosing the right solution depends on how much control you want to have over your servers, as well as the funds you have available to make an initial investment in colocation.

So there you have it: hopefully, you now have a better understanding of the difference between web hosting and colocation. As you can see, there are pros and cons associated with both options, which is why it is vital to consider your needs and requirements and then choose a solution that best fits in with your needs.

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