What Type of Websites Can You Create With Our Web Hosting Packages?

By: nirvaris  |  August 24, 2020
Choosing the right website hosting plan will depend on the type of business you own

No matter what website you go to online, it has a web host. If you are looking to create a website, you must understand that not all websites are hosted the exact same way. A lot of it is dependent upon what your website will be used for and how many visitors you anticipate. Picking the right web hosting package is crucial because picking the wrong one can be detrimental to your business, product or service later on down the road.
Our affordable web hosting packages are well-equipped to handle any of your needs, while also offering you the best price. Our packages are competitively priced with each offering something different according to your website hosting needs. Here are some basics you need to know about our web hosting packages.

Web Hosting Break Down

All websites are housed on servers. They are typically physically located in data centers run by different web hosting companies. Those servers hold websites and data related to those sites as every component of your websites like files, text, images and videos just to name a few, are stored on the server and can be accessed through your web host. Web hosts allow you the technology and space that is required for people to access your website on the internet whether they type the website directly or they Google your site.
There are four main types of web hosting. They include shared hosting, virtual private server hosting, dedicated hosting and cloud hosting. Determining which kind of web hosting you need is up to your needs.

Shared Hosting
This is the most inexpensive because your website will be sharing resources with other websites on one server. There is a limited number of resources that each website can use, depending on the type of web hosting plan they opted in for. Shared hosting is ideal for small or entry-level websites. Though it is less expensive, there are some drawbacks like performance issues with high traffic.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)
With this web hosting plan, your website will still share a single server with other websites, but the number of sites you will be sharing with are much lower. Another major difference is that your website will have dedicated resources, meaning your site will have faster loading times, higher uptime rates and no worries about your website crashing. This plan is ideal for small or medium-sized businesses that cannot have unexpected downtime on their website.

Dedicated Hosting
Here you will have a dedicated server that only belongs to you, so your website will perform at its peak. This is great for enterprise-level websites and sites that anticipate very high traffic volumes. By high traffic volumes, this means at least 100,000 monthly visits.

Cloud Hosting
Cloud hosting web plans come with many remote servers, with each one having a different responsibility. If one server is down, another will pick up the slack. It is extremely scalable and easy to make your website run fluidly and at a high level.

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