Where Does the Word Blog Come From?

By: nirvaris  |  July 08, 2019


These days, blogging is an opportunity to talk about something you’re passionate about and potentially make a living from it–and not just from the writer’s perspective either. Whether you offer web hosting for bloggers, are a business looking for influencers or just want to write cool content, there are opportunities everywhere in the world of blogging.

However, the history of the term “blogging” goes back to 1999. In the early days of the internet, sharing what you did on a day-to-day basis was known as a journal or personal diary. Of course, having that information available on the internet hardly made it “personal”, but they did take a more journal-like approach that isn’t seen as often these days. So how exactly did the term blogging come to be and what transformed it from a personal recount of your life into an influential platform that could potentially help you make a living? Let’s find out.


What was the first ever Blog?

It’s often recognized that the very first blog was Links.net, a personal homepage of Justin Hall, who was a Swarthmore College student in 1994. At the time, it was simply referred to as a web page and had no relation to the current blogs that we see today. It was mostly about his personal life and it was open for everyone to see.

It wasn’t until 1997 that Jorn Barger created “Robot Wisdom”, a site dedicated to his process of logging the web as he browsed and recounting his daily adventures on the internet. This type of personal web page coined the term “web log” and was eventually combined as “weblog”.


Can you see where we’re going now?

Two years later, the word “weblog” was shortened to “blog” by Peter Merholz. In his own words, he “decided to pronounce the word ‘weblog’ as wee’- blog. Or ‘blog’ for short.”. He started using the word in his own posts and others lowly adopted it.

Later that year, the word “blog” was taken to new heights as Pyra Labs developed the software Blogger, a blog-publishing service that was eventually bought by Google and is still in use today. It currently acts as web hosting for bloggers and is still widely used by bloggers from all industries. Had it not been for Pyra Labs naming their software Blogger, the term might’ve been lost in history.


Which blog host is currently the best?

With Blogger being one of the first, it certainly hasn’t aged well and there are many new alternatives for bloggers to get started. It’s not just about web hosting either, but the services that allow you to easily manage your content, edit it and also promote it.

Whether you’re a small business owner or a small blogger looking to promote your services, there are many opportunities out there to grow your audience and create a more reliable blog with a trustworthy company that provides web hosting for bloggers.


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