WordPress Toolkit: Best plugins for your wordpress blog or website

By: nirvaris  |  May 23, 2017

WordPress (also known as WP) is a powerful tool to rapidly build a website or blog. In a few minutes you can have your website ready.

In order to go smoothly and avoid future headaches, we recommend you to install a set of WordPress plugins to expose some of the WordPress super powers.

Here is our recommended list of the WordPress plugins for you!

If you have an account with us, we have a special Softaculous package that installs WordPress with all these plugins ready to go. You can choose which one you keep or remove from the installation. We recommend to keep it as it is.

Setup / Content Management

Child Theme Configurator

You want to change the layout of your WordPress, install a nice theme and maybe to make some adjustments to make it unique to yours. You can do lots of things using the built-in WP or theme editors. However, it might not be just enough for you, and you have to ask that friend who can change some CSS/HTML by hand to make it juts right. That is cool, but it is not right to make this manual changes in the WP or theme files directly, as it can affect security and it can mess things up when you upgrade something. The recommended way of doing this changes is creating a child theme, so you make those changes in the child-theme. This plugin helps to create a child theme, so you can play safely with CSS and php without messing everything up.

Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd

Before you release your website with all your amazing stuff, you will need a Coming Soon page. With this one, you can add a very nice under-construction page to your website, and disable it when things are ready.

Duplicate Page

It is quite handy to duplicate post and page, mainly when they have complex layouts, so you don’t need to do everything again. Just make a clone of it and change what needs to be changed.

Disable Comments

Comments are welcome, always. But in some cases, you want to disable them, like in a static content page. This plugin allows administrators to globally disable comments on pages and posts. Comments can be disabled according to post type.

Stop Spam Comments

There are spammers and robots everywhere trying to hack on your website and improve their SEO with some dodgy techniques, like posting nonsense comments on as many websites as they can. This plugin helps to block them. Dead simple and super lightweight anti-spambot plugin. No captcha, tricky questions or any other user interaction required at all.


Cache Enabler

It improves the performance of your WP. You shouldn’t use this one if you are using your WP with SSL. Simple and fast WordPress disk caching plugin.

Compress JPEG & PNG images

Big images slow down your website. This plugin compress the images in the right way as you upload them. Speed up your website. Optimize your JPEG and PNG images automatically with TinyPNG.

Custom Referral Spam Blocker

It is very annoying when you open your Google Analytics and feel happy for a second with the popularity of your website till you realize they are actually fake referrals from spammers. This plugin blocks referral spam bots which are screwing up your Google Analytics data.

SEO and Analytics

Google Analytics

Use Google Analytics on your WordPress site without touching any code, and view visitor reports right in your WordPress admin dashboard!

Yoast SEO

This is very handy. The first true all-in-one SEO solution for WordPress, including on-page content analysis, XML sitemaps and much more.

Go Social

Share Buttons by AddThis

Use the AddThis suite of website tools which includes sharing, following, recommended content, and conversion tools to help you make your website smarter. With AddThis, you can see how your users are engaging with your content, provide a personalised experience for each user and encourage them to share, subscribe or follow.

Facebook By WebLizar

Facebook like box plugin to display facebook page live stream & friends on WordPress blog.

All Good to Go

WordPress is a very powerful and very handy on building your website. Almost 30% of all websites are now powered by WordPress. It has plenty of other plugins too, but those are the ones we think as a “must have”. There are many alternatives and plugin makers that can do the same thing and our list is always changing as we find better ones.

When choosing a plugin, look for how many people are using it, when was the last upgrade of the plugin code and if it is compatible with the WordPress version you are using.

If you know a great plugin that is not on our list please leave a comment bellow so we can test it and add it to our list too.